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:donut:Welcome to MHigh-Space!:donut:
This group is just a fun group for MH Fans!
:kitty:If you don't understand what the name means then here you go;
Say M-High together, it kinda sounds like "my" then add space. It sounds like MySpace. Just a clever name that is all. :D

:penguin:There will be contests!
:penguin:Shout Outs!
And much more to be announced soon!


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Since it's Summer, we're going to make a new contest! It'll be fun! We will even make a folder for the entries! So here's what we're doing: it's called: The 30 days of summer! So starting tomorrow, we will be able to submit entries for this contest! Here are the rules:
:bulletpink: Most important rule; please no copying anybody else ideas, tracing or stealing.
:bulletblack: Base are allowed being used but please refrain from using them, we want to see drawings and artwork!
:bulletpink: Please put in lots of effort and persistence! We don't wait anything you made in 5 minutes!
:bulletblack: Be nice to others and be sure to say nice things to them, no negative comments please!
:bulletpink: And last, remember to have fun with your entries!

So here's the 30 concepts:
Day 1(July 28th) : "Finally out of school!" Draw your character out of school in for summer!
Day 2(July 29th) : "A lazy summer day" What would your character be doing on a lazy summer day?
Day 3(July 30th) : "A frozen treat!" Show a drawing of your character eating ice cream,a Sno-cone or a popsicle!
Day 4(July 31st) : "Day at the beach" What is your character doing at the beach today?
Day 5(August 1st) : "Sleeping in till noon!" Draw your character waking up at 12 in the afternoon!
Day 6(August 2nd)  : "Camp!" What is your character doing at camp? Making s'mores? Telling scary stories?
Day 7(August 3rd) : "Fun with pets" Draw your character with their pet!
Day 8(August 4th) : " Hanging with the guys and ghouls!" Draw your character with their best friend(s)!
Day 9(August 5th) : " Outdoors" Draw your character doing any outdoor activity like a picnic or playing frisbee!
Day 10(August 6th) : " At the maul" Draw your character doing something at the maul!
Day 11(August 7th) : "ROAD TRIP!" Draw your character on a road trip to their choice of destination!
Day 12(August 8th) : " Pool Party" Draw your character swimming in pool with their best ghoulfriends/mansters!
Day 13(August 9th) : "Video Games Galore!" Draw your character playing their favourite video game!
Day 14(August 10th) : "Family Reunion" Draw your character with their family!
Day 14(August11th) : "Vacation Time!" Draw you character on Vacation or getting ready to go!
Day 15(August 12th) : " Splashing Fun" Draw your character doing their favourite activity at the water park!
Day 16(August 13th) :"Summer Olympics" Draw your character in an olympic outfit; tell us what county they'd be from!
Day 17(August 14th) : " Rainy day" What would character be doing if it was a rainy day?
Day 18(August 15th) : " Beating the Heat Wave" How would your character beat a heat wave?
Day 19(August 16th) : " Summer Concert" Draw your character at their favourite musician's concert!
Day 20(August 17th) :"My favourite song"What's your character's favourite song?
Day 21(August 18th) : " A night at the carnival" Draw your character on their favourite ride at the carnival!
Day 22(August 19th) : " Movie Night" Draw your character at the movies!
Day 23(August 20th) : "Awesome party" What would your character be doing at a party?
Day 24(August 21st) : "Girl's/Guy's Night out" Draw your character out and about in the city with their best friends!
Day 25(August 22nd) : "At their Favourite Restaurant" Draw your character eating their favourite food!
Day 26(August 23rd) : " BBQ Lunch" Draw your character eating at a barbeque!
Day 27(August 24th) : "Drinking Lemonade" Draw your your character cooling off with a nice and cold lemonade!
Day 28(August 25th) : "A new outfit" Draw you character in a new outfit of their choice!
Day 29(August 27th) : "Getting ready for School" Draw your character getting ready for the big day!
Day 30(August 28th) : "BACK TO SCHOOL!!" Draw your character back at school!
And that my friends, is the 30 days of summer challenge! Have fun!
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